Cost of living

When William moved here to go to the University of New South Wales, he told us how expensive things were. I heard him, but part of me thought, “He just wants more money!” But now I’m here and I can see it for myself. I have bought groceries and such, and have seen for myself how pricey things are. (This is disregarding the exchange rate. It’s something like $1.08 USD to 1 Australian dollar, so just figure a dollar’s a dollar when you look at the prices.) Tonight I was out with William and we ran into a liquor store to get some photos to prove the point.




And this was the sign outside a Subway sandwich store:
Earlier at the grocery store I bought some chocolate chips. All the bags were maybe half the size of chocolate chip bags in the US, and this one cost about $5.

The same is true of just about everything I looked at and/or bought. This is probably why the Australians I’ve seen so far are so fabulous and thin. They can barely afford to eat! 😀


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