Taronga Zoo

Robert is a volunteer at Sydney’s zoo, which is in a beautiful location right by the water, with a view of the skyline. I haven’t visited too many zoos, but wouldn’t be surprised if this was the prettiest in the world.

That is the view from the bird show, which I highly recommend. Here you can see the backside of a bird about a quarter second after it buzzed my head.

Parts of the zoo have double doors in and out to keep the wildlife in. Inside, wallabies and emus and such can walk around as they like, right with the people if they choose.


In another part of the zoo, we saw koalas. There is one in this tree, snoozing, but it is a little hard to see.

Here is a kookaburra:


That is the research office where Robert works. We met some of his coworkers who were very nice.
On to the giraffe:

More views:


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