Australian Rules Football

I heard this called “AFL,” “Australian Rules Football,” and “Footie.”
How to play: (This is my own version, based on what I saw, and no doubt not entirely accurate.)
1. Be a hot muscular dude.
2. Put on very small shorts.
3. Run around a large circular field.
4. Let ref bounce a ball into the center of a group, and then chase the ball till you grab it.
5. If another guy wearing a different color grabs it, you can knock him down with a violent hug.
6. If you have the ball, you can drop kick it to another guy, or hit it volleyball-style.
7. If somebody actually catches the ball from a decent distance away, nobody gets to hit him.
8. If you get close to the end zone, get the ball through the uprights.
9. If you get the ball through the middle two poles, it’s 6 points. If you get it through the side poles, it’s one point. There is also something called a “Behind.” I have no idea what that is, despite careful explanations.

Rules for fans:
1. Wear Sydney Swans red gear, including but not limited to beanies.
2. Be very loud.
3. Get angry if the blue team scores.




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